Blinds Discount Blinds 1" Fauxwood Horizontal Blinds


Fauxwood horizontal blinds are distinguished by quality craftsmanship and durability. These products are produced with the highest quality metal and polycarbonate components. Additionally, Fauxwood horizontal blinds are built on a roll-formed, heavy-duty steel headrail, which further increases the strength and stability of the product. The operating components are secured inside the headrail by means of snap-in fittings. The cord lock incorporates a stainless steel wear guard and has a crash-resistant safety feature that ...


Retail Price: $227.00
Discount: 87.00%
Your Price: $29.51

1" Fauxwood:

Style: : 1" Fauxwood | Size: : 13 inch |

130 Oyster White Smooth
120 Pearl White Smooth
110 Snow White Smooth
100 Bright White Smooth

Blinds Discount Faux Wood Real Grain:

Style: : 2" Faux Wood Real Grain | Size: : 9 inch |

9251 Natural RealGrain
9252 Maple RealGrain
9257 Mahogany RealGrain
9250 Bamboo RealGrain
9254 Oak RealGrain
9258 Dark Walnut RealGrain
9256 Chestnut Realgrain (15% surcharge applies)
9253 Pecan RealGrain
9259 Cinnamon RealGrain
9256 Chestnut RealGrain