M&B Faux Wood Blinds 2" Composite


Faux wood blinds are a fashionable, yet economical alternative to woods. Their durable material won’t scratch, chip, or fade and as such, they’re great for high moisture areas including kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and an excellent choice for humid climates. Best of all, they’re easy to clean and maintain.


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M&B Faux Wood Blinds 2:

Style: : M&B Faux Wood Blinds 2 | Size: : 15 inch |

CC-215 Cabernet
CC-202 Ivory
CC-203 Oakwood
CC-214 Toasted Pecan
CC-212 Slightly Beige
CC-201 Glacier
CC-213 Spice Cabinet
CC-205 Pinewood Derby
CC-204 Maple Bluff
CC-211 Sable Brown

CC-209 Black Cherry
CC-206 Snowcap