Woven Wooden Shades for the Eco-Friendly

Woven wooden shades don’t just offer intimate, beautiful filtered light — they’re also naturally eco-friendly.


The vast majority are made from organic, sustainable materials. Different woods, such as bamboo, grasses and reeds, are common and come together to create a strong and sturdy shade. Plus, if you have children or pets, woven shades are much less likely to get damaged because they have no slats to pull.


Woven shades come in a number of colors, with different bells and whistles available as options. You can choose from a bottom-up or top-down closure, or get even more creative with custom shades.


While these shades are sturdy and beautiful, they also have a relaxing appeal and would look right at home in a yoga studio, health food store or other sustainably minded place of business. Finish them with your choice of stain. The spectrum runs from sheer and natural to bright cherry to dark mahogany.


They’re also available in nearly every size you can imagine, making them the perfect fit for any window.


Building a Green Home


Eco-friendly, green homes are getting more popular. However, a totally green home is expensive and not realistic for most Americans. Installing solar panels or replacing appliances and other big-ticket items simply isn’t budget-friendly.


However, you can enjoy the peace of mind, good karma and beauty of woven wooden shades for a price similar to other quality shades. In some instances, they’re more budget-friendly than other luxury options.


If you really want to maintain a green home, look for materials that are local to your region. Knowing the source of the wood or reeds is important to many homeowners.


The look of woven shades automatically relaxes you, and they go with any décor or color. Pair them with a neutral and soothing wall color, such as a cool ecru or pastel blue, to increase the relaxation vibes in the room.


Light Control


Unless you’re shopping for blackout shades, the goal of window treatments isn’t to block light entirely, but to filter it. Many people think woven wooden shades provide the loveliest filtering, allowing for an occasional ray of sunshine in the room.


They’re also easy to lift or lower if you want more natural light. If possible, see how woven shades filter light before you decide to buy. That will give you a much better idea of how they will really look in your home.


Finally, there’s cleaning to consider. Woven shades are easy to dust and wipe clean. Choose a cleaning product designed for the type of shades you choose. They don’t collect dust as easily as slats, and of course don’t need professional cleaning like curtains.


To see all your options, contact Blinds Discount today and discover the beauty of woven wooden shades for yourself.